Background Information

Well-know English training institution, has a significant number of stores and English learning platform.

Primary objective: enhance the overall natural traffic of the community site.

Secondary objective: to enhance indexed sites on search engine, SEO standardization for new products.

Other Requirements: to help customers come up with new ideas of coexistence of SEO.


The long tail keyword effect – effectively use multi – source information resources in the social media platform, to obtain deeper keywords traffic.

Tool page traffic – automatically translate the page not only enhance total indexed page, but also able to get undefined keywords.

The brand keywords coexistence – if the brand key words has high search rate, the official website and social media platform can use them in order to achieve brand protection and traffic sharing.

Optimization Results

The overall social media SEO traffic increased by more than 100%

Indexed increased by 10 times

Integrated with the diversity of customers’ ideas, provided practical SEO advice to many small projects for customers