Background Information

eLong, a leading online travel service provider in China. Headquartered in Beijing, eLong empowers consumers to make informed travel decisions by providing convenient online, mobile (via iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone applications) and 24-hour customer service center hotel and air ticket booking services as well as easy to use tools such as maps, destination guides, photographs, virtual tours and user reviews. eLong offers consumers the largest directly-bookable hotel product portfolio in China with a selection of over 30,000 hotels in China and over 150,000 international hotels in more than 100 countries worldwide, as well as the ability to fulfill domestic and international air ticket reservations in cities across China.

SEO Result

> Within 9 months,natural search traffic increased by150%

> Hotel booking increased by 88%

> Page Rank increased from 5 to8

> Almost 1 million pages have been indexed by Google

> Number of back links increased to approximate 8.5 million

> The keywords ranking improved significantly. Within the top 100 hot words list in hotel field, has half of them ranked on the first page of the search result(Google &Baidu). Terms such as hotel booking“酒店预定”,hotle“宾馆”,hotel search“酒店查询”,Beijing hotel“北京酒店”,Shanghai hotel booking“上海酒店预定”etc. are all ranked in the top 3 position.

Opimization Result

Trend of the eLong traffic order

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