Service Result

Within 3 months service, we suppress the number of negative information from 27 to less than one in the search result of Baidu, Google and the news from 10 channels, exposure rate of criticism information was suppressed from 6.7% to 0.1%.

Positive Optimization

> In the top 3 and top 10 pages of Baidu and Google SERP, the number of positive information for “longfor estate””longfor” is not less than one third of the total number of search results. Average annual positive information will be more than 20%.

> Daily company news optimization(optimization time for every article in working date will not exceed one hour)

> Positive manuscript originality and “pseudo-original”.

Negative Suppression

>Suppress criticism information for  keywords  search of ”龙湖”,”龙湖地产” while search on Baidu, Google to SERP2 within 4 days after it appeared, to SERP 3 within a week, to SERP6 within 2 weeks and SERP10 within a month. The total exposure criticism will be no more than 1%.

> Delete the cached

> The drop-down box of Baidu search recommend keywords for “龙湖”,”龙湖地产”with no criticism information.

> No negative information for keywords of “龙湖””龙湖地产”in position of relevant search