Worldwide well –known daily use and commercial products manufacturer.

Primary objective: enhancing overall natural search traffic of the three product categories.

Secondary objectives:  throughout search engine marketing, increase potential customers on Baidu, enhance purchase rate.

Other requirements: Summary and led the Chinese team to understand Baidu optimization features, assist overseas headquarters.


Optimization points – customers’ non Chinese website Google optimization.  We clearly understand the key points for this project, integrated with foreign Google optimization team to share the effect.

Enhance list page ranking- non-brand keywords was really popular, throughout the optimization of non-brand keywords, increased search traffic significantly.

Combining resources to increase page ranking – main website page ranking was really high, however not everything was full engaged, throughout this type of optimization, maximize the potential of all resources.

Optimization Result

The two major products SEO traffic increased by more than 100% from May to August.

Top 5 Keywords traffic increased 3 times.

Customers also aware of the importance of the Chinese SEO optimization will consider integrating the concepts into small projects.