Google’s UK search market share has dropped below 90 percent for the first time in 5 years

  Posted on 2012-11-27 – 18:45:36


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Google might have expanded into many markets over the years but the company's core business is still search. The company's successful search engine is its bread and butter. However, it seems that the bread and butter is slipping in the UK. According to Hitwise, Google's UK search market share has dropped below 90 percent for the first time in years.

Experian Hitwise reports that in October, Google accounted for 89.33 percent of all UK internet searches. While this is definitely still the lion's share of the market, its the first time in five years that Google has dropped below 90 percent market share in the UK. The 1.41 percent drop from 90.74 in September meant growth for both Microsoft and Yahoo!, Google's biggest competitors in the search space. Bing's market share increased by 0.72 percent to 4.7 percent of all UK searches. Yahoo! enjoyed 3.33 percent of searches, a 0.50 percent increase over September.

Experian Hitwise used data from ISPs to analyse the searches of 8 million people in the UK. Bing's growth is partly down to being the default search engine onWindows 8. Though you can change that pretty quickly, if you want. Experts say Bing's extensive marketing has made it more popular as well.


Google may still have a huge lead in the UK, but in some territories it's playing second fiddle to home-grown alternatives. In China, most searchers opt for Baidu, while in Russia, Yandex outs Google to the top spot.


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