China market will reach SEO 3.0 S era

  Posted on 2012-12-21 – 16:41:53

As China’s Internet, e-commerce and Internet marketing market develops, the Chinese are coming to the market scale SEO forward billions of mark. Erin consultation to predict, 2011 Chinese market will break 17 billion yuan, and 2014 years to will achieve 56.1 billion yuan yuan of scale. The world famous marketing gurus Milton p.m. also said search marketing is the enterprise in China and throughout the world to establish brand the most powerful one of the tools.

Marketing promotion (SEM) and pay for the free search (SEO) two parts. According to eMarketer estimates that by 2013 in the United States as a whole SEO market will occupy 20% of the budget. To infer, the Chinese market will also be in 3 SEO after years in the scale of RMB ten billion yuan. This shows, SEO network marketing and electronic commerce in the role of will increasingly important, but with the of development and change, SEO industry faces new challenges and market structure. Over the years, with its high value flow SEO, low cost, by the large web sites as the most effective network marketing channel one. With each network flow the purchase price of increasing, the importance of SEO become more prominent, SEO based on free flow operation system will affect future Internet the development of the enterprise.

In just 2011 concluded the global marketing on congress, Netconcepts (network concept) President Mr. The sole put forward into the idea of SEO 3.0 S, for the development of the industry of Chinese SEO puts forward new direction and the market opportunity. 1995-1998 is the era of SEO 1.0, with yahoo of a generation if appear, marketing employees pay more attention to the content of the website optimization, at the time, the market is still in a relatively SEO disorderly state. 1999-2010 years, optimization into the SEO 2.0 times, along with Google and baidu s such as the popularization and the mature, SEO industry entered the era of standardization.

In the stand inside optimization SEO 1.0, based on the age of the SEO 2.0 optimization joined the external links, localization search results and multimedia content and so on a series of optimization elements. With personalized, social change, cross media-oriented fourth generation of search engine shown stage by stage, in 2011 we fully ushered in the SEO 3.0 times. In SEO 1.0 and SEO 2.0 era, marketing employees understand more is SEO Optimization ( Optimization, namely in the Optimization of system), but in the SEO 3.0 era, the definition of SEO should be updated for the Searcher Experience Optimization (Search Optimization, namely the Experience to Search the needs of the user Optimization). Canal into puts forward, SEO 3.0 will be in product design, the optimization of optimization of users’ satisfaction and optimization of resources integration, and involved in web operations and process management and so on a series of fort to improve user value and operation efficiency optimization. The so-called SEO 3.0 S “S”, is Com (the bo search), Sogou (Sogou) and SoSo (search), as a representative of the new ‘s rise, the “S” will also be dramatically affect the user experience and optimization strategy.

Netconcepts (network concept) as a leading domestic SEO service provider, was established in 1995 in the United States, entered the Chinese market since 2008, has also been led China SEO the development of the market. Netconcepts (network concept) put forward in 2008 the optimization trilogy, rolled out SEO pyramid structure and in 2010 in global exclusive launched 360 all-round optimization idea. Since the start of this year, Netconcepts (network concept) and to the idea of SEO 3.0 S sincere service for all products, le bees, public comment on net, net art dragon travel nets, taikang life, nets, new Oriental, 24 coupons, get together the beauty is superior, domestic leading Internet enterprise. Believe that through the Netconcepts (network concept) and the domestic and foreign many of the same industry company jointly promote the, China SEO market in new development historical period beyond brilliant will hit a record high.


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