Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Online Reputation Management includes: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Online content management, in order to optimize and manage the online information, especially the positive information enhancement and criticism information suppression in the search result in which achieve the goal of brand awareness improvement.

Full Online Reputation Management Process


Online Reputation Management Service Content:

Search Engine Reputation Management

Spread brand positive information through social media platform, and use the SEO techniques to achieve comprehensive protection to the search result pages.The promotion of search engine reputation management is a long-term sustainable promotion, through long time experience accumulation and network resource integration by search to improve website visibility and ensure positive information coverage.

General Process of Search Engine Reputation Management

1.Topic Planning: Content focuses on  the main branding keywords, especially topic.;

2.News Optimization: Optimize title, content, keywords and external link to improve the ranking of presses.;

3.Rapid Spread: High requirement for speed & quantity for spreading, enhanceing the sensitive of media news;

4.Assist Management:Through blogs, posts and forums to transfer PR to press pages.;

5.Real Time Monitoring:Monitor information and handling criticism information in real time.。


Develop specific solutions based on customers’ marketing strategy, able to manage their own marketing rhythm effectively, throughout flexible services, to help customers establish a complete public marketing system.

Create 360 degree marketing solution;

Flexible articles and media combination;

Full scope of media opinion monitoring;