SEM Solution

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The Netconcepts SEM team formalized with certified experts, which has advanced SEM promotion philosophy and leading search engines advertising experiences(Baidu, Google, Sogou and Soso). We use the world most advanced SEM management tool of Efficient Frontier with integration of SEO/ SMO strategy to work towards your organization marketing goal in which boost overall ROI.


The world most advance SEM management tool – Efficient Frontier

Combination of the basis of the principle of optimization and fine system settings to achieve the ROI to maximize, Bidding strategy based on the allocated budget for the portfolio theory and the whole channel to maximize ROI.

Predictive modeling and simulation capabilities to provide accurate forecast data and control, reporting and analysis to the visualization of multi-channel effects and properties.


New Search Engine Recognition – Sogou/Soso

New search engine products and coverage of population analysis

New search engine account optimization

New search engine investment experience for different industry

Integral Sogou SEM Optimization Service


Multi-channel integration and optimization – combined SEO/SMO

SEM and SEO strategy integration, saving promotion cost for customers, control costs

Integrated SEM and SMO optimization, enhancing brand exposure and interaction with customers, more accurate positioning for target customers

Fully integrated online marketing optimization, controlling costs, improving conversion effect


SEM Optimization Process

SEM Analysis

  • Search Engine Tendency Analysis
  • Data analysis of customer
  • Network behavior analysis of the target population
  • Comoititor SEM Analysis
  • Historical Date Analysis

SEM Strategy

  • Search engine portfolio strategy
  • Products Combination Strategy
  • Account Structure Strategy
  • Keywords Selection Strategy
  • Creative Writing Strategy
  • Landing Page Matching Strategy
  • Bid Management Strategy
  • Multi-Dimensional Reporting Analysis Strategy

SEM Optimization

  • Account Structure Optimization
  • Creativity Optimization
  • Quality Optimization
  • CTR/Conversion Rate Optimization
  • The Click Cost/Conversion Cost Control
  • ROI Enhancement Optimization
  • SEO/SMO Integration and Optimization