Sogou SEM Service

    • 1.Open Sogou VIP search marketing investment account
    • 2.Provide Sogou product purchase service, which covers:◊ Keyword Ads◊ Brand Zone◊ Affiliate Marketing◊ Precision Marketing◊ Mini-portal◊ New keyword pop window◊ VR resolve◊ Input method Ads (Include skin and input method brand zone)◊ Sogou website browser
    • 3.API connection service with media
    • 4.SEM account setup service
    • 5.Ad investment optimization services
    • 6.Ad investment data analysis
    • 7.Other value added services

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SEM SogouCooperation achievements

  • Year 2011- Netconcepts has been rewarded as the top second Sogou agency in China
  • Year 2012- Netconcepts has been rewarded as the top third Sogou agency in China
  • Year 2013- Netconcepts has strategic partnership for Sogou oversea market and became the sole agent for Australia and New Zealand area

Netconcepts has built strategic partnership with Sogou to develop Chinese market at the very early stage of business. By well understanding of the specifications of Sogou search engine user population Netconcepts is able to explore business opportunities from new media for advertisers.

Netconcepts view our client as the core value during Sogou promotion. We provide one to one consulting services to satisfy individual client’s requirements. From the understanding of Sogou product features, Netconcepts ensures the maximized return on investment from Sogou channel for advertisers. It leaded great recognitions of Sogou promotion.

In 2013, Netconcepts is going to develop oversea market with Sogou, and provide one-stop solution for Australia and New Zealand businesses who would like to develop business in Chinese market.

There are regular Sogou knowledge sharing session available in Netconcepts for advertisers to get to know Sogou product launch news and investment optimization experiences.

In Sogou SEM service, Netconcepts has served in many well-known brands, such as Dangdang, Zhaopin, Tuniu, 4399 games, New Oriental, the play ticket ( and Manzuo.

Successful Cases



Dangdang is the world largest integrated Chinese online shopping mall which has been established in November 1999. Product category includes home ware, cosmetics, digital, home appliances, books, audio, apparel, maternal and child, etc. There are more than one million kinds of product and books.

Project Challenge:

There are price wars within the industry. Restricted by the special market demand, customers are more focus on service and price. User concerns about product delivery time, price advantage, seasonal promotions, product type coverage and all sort of things.

Implementation Strategy:

Because the characteristics of the B2C industry, it requires the promotion strategy timely and efficiently cooperate with Dangdang product seasonal trend. Brand zone effectively protects Dangdang, Dangdang Mall, Dangdang online shopping mall and other branding core keywords. There is no chance for competitors to snatch user who attracted by Dangdang’s brand. On the other hand, it helped to build brand image and promote brand awareness at same time.

Marketing Performance:

After 12 months of Netconcepts’ continuous optimization, the new customer has increased 355.25% and the click through rate increased by 252.57%. Netconcepts SEM team successfully help Dangdang enhanced its brand reputation and awareness within Chinese market. The marketing performance has well met Dangdang’s expectations and satisfied with the services.