Seo Glossary

SEO Glossary Terms begin with Letter I

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Inbound Link(IBL)

Links that point to your site from sites other than your own. Inbound links are an important asset that will improve your site's PageRank (PR).


A search engine's database in which it stores textual content from every web page that its spider visits.


A synonym for back links. Popularized by Yahoo! 

Internal Links

An Internal Link is a hypertext link that points to another page within the same website. Internal links can be used as a form of navigation for people, directing them to pages within the website. Links assist with creating good information architecture within the site.

Invisible Web

A term that refers to the vast amount of information on the web that is not indexed by the search engines. Coined in 1994 by Dr. Jill Ellsworth.

Basic SEO Glossary