SEO Glossary

SEO Glossary Terms begin with Letter U

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Unique Visitors

Unique visitors are a count of individual users who have accessed your web site. It should be noted that the "user session" metric does not yield an accurate unique visitor count, as multiple user sessions can be generated by one unique visitor.


The term "universe" in the world of advertising means the total population of the target audience.


Used interchangeably with web address. Acronym stands for Uniform Resource Locator. URLs can specify the location of a web page, an email address, or a file on an FTP server, among other things. 

URL Rewrite

A technique used to help make web site URLs more user and search engine friendly.


How user friendly a web site is. The ease of use that a user can perform an action or task through the user interface.


Bulletin board network featuring thousands of newsgroups.

User agent

The name of the browser/spider that is currently visiting a page. For example, "Googlebot/2.1 (+".

User Generated Content

User-generated-content (USG) is content created and published by the end-users online. USG is comprised of videos, podcasts and posts on discussion groups, blogs, wiki's and social media sites. USG allows for a wider content provider base and the chance for all users to share their opinions online. Criticism of USG includes credibility and quality issues.



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