NCME Certification

NCME Netconcepts Certified Marketing Expert, ( NCME) able to use all kinds of SEO strategies, develop appropriate SEO specification, comprehensive understanding of search engine algorithms, multi-language marketing skills, integrated marketing skill to deal with complex situations, able to operate multi – SEO projects and lead SEO team.


NCME Course Structure

    Advanced SEO talent strategy

  • Pictures and Video SEO
  • Geographical SEO Ranking
  • Search engine news sources
  • Able to use search results to show format features
  • Multi-language SEO
  • Station group treatment

    SEO friendly

  • SEO project process establishment
  • SEO technical principle establishment
  • Internal SEO training
  • Result-based SEO modify strategy

    Full understanding of ranking factors

  • Research of Search engine algorithms
  • Statistical crawling cycle

    SEO case discussion

  • Large-scale website SEO strategy discussion

    Search engine and other products

  • Online Promotion Introduction
  • Brand zone promotion
  • Mobile promotion
  • Baidu other product introduction

    Global SEM account maintenance

NCME Entry Requirements

48 months SEO Industry experience

1.Lead at least 5 SEO+ SEM + SMO projects ;

2.SEO university lecturer, at least 40 hours teaching experience ;

3.Participated in industry related conferences, and published articles. 。

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NCME Applicable User


Applicable User:

1. Online Marketing / SEO team manager 2. SEO related Managers

Results :

Internet Marketing/ SEO team manager able to lead a large SEO team after training, and training senior SEO talents for
SEO related employees have trained to serve a variety of industries, operate multiple project, the ability to cope with complex situations
Internet Marketing / SEO team manager able to manage and optimize larege company webpages after further training.



SEO Careers


VANCL SEO Positions

1 SEO manager

2 SEO specialists


Lefeng SEO Positions

1-2 SEO specialists


Miqi SEO Positions

1-2 SEO manager



1-2 SEO specialists



1-2 SEO specialists


JIIAA.COM SEO specialists

1-2 SEO manager

3-5 SEO specialists

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