NCSC Certification

NCSC Netconcepts Certified SEO Consultant, ability to do keyword research, diagnosis and assess websites, optimize small websites, good SEO strategy execution skill, familiar with various promotion platform. Apply to experienced online marketing and SEO team manager.

NCSC Course Structure

    Marketing Research

  • Competitor Research
  • Keyword Research and keyword strategy
  • The initial diagnosis and assessment of the target website
  • Keywords research conclusions and internal page design

    Website structure optimization

  • Website structure problems
  • Standard website structure
  • URL design
  • URL normalization
  • Avoid content duplication
  • Prohibition of crawling and indexing
  • SEO- based website navigation system design

    Page basic optimization

  • Title writing
  • Keywords and description tags writing
  • Body content writing and optimization
  • ALT text
  • Heading
  • Other

    Introduction to search engine marketing

  • PPC advertising and display
  • Search engine promotion platform introduction

NCSC Entry requirements

No requirements

No requirements

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NCSC Applicable User:


Applicable User:

1. Experienced Online internet marketing and SEO team member 2. Website development and technical staff 3. Internet business and individual website owner. 4. Junior College e-commerce and internet marketing majored students.

Results :

Internet Marketing/ SEO team member able to understand SEO industry terminology and search engine operational principle.
Technical development team member will be able to understand the basic requirements of search engine-friendly, and able to work with SEO department.
Preparation for higher level certification training



SEO Careers


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1 SEO manager

2 SEO specialists


Lefeng SEO Positions

1-2 SEO specialists


Miqi SEO Positions

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1-2 SEO specialists



1-2 SEO specialists


JIIAA.COM SEO specialists

1-2 SEO manager

3-5 SEO specialists

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