NCSE Certification

NCSE Netconcepts Certified SEO Expert, able to use all kinds of external and internal SEO strategy, knowledge of search engine spam, skilled to integrate and analyze various SEO data, able to manage small SEO team, ability to operate multiple projects and cope with complex situations. Apply to online marketing and SEO team managers


NCSE Course Structure

    External link building

  • What is a good link?
  • Effective link
  • External link building princples
  • Common external link building methods

    Monitoring and strategy modifications

  • The basis of log files
  • Website traffic analysis
  • Basic traffic source analysis
  • Result based SEO strategy

    Typical website SEO analysis

  • SEO data analysis
  • SEO strategy analysis

    Cheating and punishment

  • Classic SEO Cheating Method
  • Difference between black hat and white hat
  • Punishment types and judgment
  • Punishment approach

    Search engine background introduction

  • search engine background development history
  • Search engine background introduction
  • Search engine background principles

    Search Marketing Strategy Introduction

  • Search marketing objective establishment
  • Search marketing platform products portfolio
  • Account structure establishment
  • Keywords selection
  • Creative writing principles
  • Landing page selection

NCSE Entry Requirements

15 months experience in SEO industry

1.Lead at least 3 medium-scale SEO projects;

2.Participated in large-scale SEO consulting project 。

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NCSE Applicable User


Applicable User:

1. Experienced Online internet marketing and SEO team member 2. Online Marketing / SEO team manager 3. SEO related employees

Results :

Able to manage small SEO team.
Ability to operate multiple projects and cope with complex situations.
Internet Marketing / SEO team manager able to manage and optimize larege company webpages after further training.



SEO Careers


VANCL SEO Positions

1 SEO manager

2 SEO specialists


Lefeng SEO Positions

1-2 SEO specialists


Miqi SEO Positions

1-2 SEO manager



1-2 SEO specialists



1-2 SEO specialists


JIIAA.COM SEO specialists

1-2 SEO manager

3-5 SEO specialists

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