NCSM Certification

NCSM Netconcepts Certified Search Marketer, able to extend the search marketing knowledge into different areas, familiar with various search engines and other vertical or community search platform, the ability to integrate SEO and SEM projects, high- level external link building strategy. Establish and manage search engine marketing team, apply to experienced SEO project manager.

NCSM Course Structure

    Familiar with mainstream search platform

  • Common search engine and a vertical search engine optimization
  • Mobile search engine optimization
  • SNS or shopping website search engine optimization (Taobao, tieba, etc.)
  • Social media search ( Weibo, Renren, etc)
  • Internal Search optimization

    Search marketing team management

  • Search traffic prediction
  • The SEO project budget and plan
  • Team performance assessment
  • Communication skills with other departments
  • SEO progress report
  • SEO and sales performance index

    Senior external link building strategy

  • Commercial cooperation
  • Commercial cooperation extended
  • UGC and external link building

NCSM Entry Requirements

36 months SEO Industry experience

1.Lead at least 3 large-scale SEO, SEM integrated projects.

2.SEO university lecturer, at least 20 hours teaching experience 。

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NCSM Applicable User


Applicable User:

1. Online Marketing / SEO team manager 2. SEO related Managers


Ability to integrate SEO and SEM strategies.
Internet Marketing / SEO team manager able to manage and optimize larege company webpages after further training.
After the training, internet marketer and search engine marketing manager will be able to manage top internet company online marketing team.



SEO Careers


VANCL SEO Positions

1 SEO manager

2 SEO specialists


Lefeng SEO Positions

1-2 SEO specialists


Miqi SEO Positions

1-2 SEO manager



1-2 SEO specialists



1-2 SEO specialists


JIIAA.COM SEO specialists

1-2 SEO manager

3-5 SEO specialists

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