Social Media Marketing Optimization (SMO) Services

Social Media Marketing Optimization (SMO) Services

Social media optimization (abbreviated as SMO) refers to the use of a number of social media outlets and communities to generate publicity to increase the awareness of a product, brand or event. Types of social media involved include RSS feeds, social news and bookmarking sites, as well as social networking sites, such as Weibo, and video and blogging sites. SMO is similar to search engine optimization in that the goal is to generate traffic and awareness for a website. In general, social media optimization refers to optimizing a website and its content in terms of sharing across social media and networking sites.

Social media optimization is becoming increasingly important for search engine optimization, as search engines are increasingly utilizing the recommendations of users of social networks such as Weibo, Renren to rank pages in the search engine result pages.

The implication is that when a webpage is shared or "liked" by a user on a social network, it counts as a "vote" for that webpage's quality. Thus, search engines can use such votes accordingly to properly rank websites in search engine results pages. Furthermore, since it is more difficult to tip the scales or influence the search engines in this way, search engines are putting more stock into social search.

Netconcepts professional marketing team provides a full range of social media marketing services which includes Micro-blog marketing, SNS marketing, Blog marketing, Forum marketing, E-mail Marketing and other social media services. These services combined with SEO/ SEM strategy to offer a integrated solution. Netconcepts provides customized consulting services according to clients’ specific needs which enhance brand awareness and gather the best user engagement and conversions.


SMO Services

Weibo Marketing

Help customer to create accounts on Weibo platform, throughout content strategy, interactive strategy, campaign strategy, in order to manage the brand, customer relation and collect information, enhancing brand awareness.

Service Scope

1.Marketing Strategy Development

Based on audience characteristics, competitiveness, combining with brand positioning analysis, Netconcepts is providing the best promotion system, and further promotional strategy formulation.

Competitiveness analysis: competitor analysis, account current status analysis, audience characteristics analysis

Brand analysis: brand positioning, marketing targeting, and promotion positioning

Promotion strategy: content strategy, interactive strategy, marketing strategy

2.Account Infrastructure Operation

Help customer operate official account based on formulated marketing strategy and brand characteristics.

Account creation: account creation, authentication, tab settings.

Background Setting: the background image update, and information module settings.

Daily Weibo published: 6-10/day.

Daily Weibo forwarded:  Situational.

3.Activity Strategy/execution

Providing online/offline events strategy based on characteristics of the different marketing stage, combined with the customer marketing requirements.

Event Analysis: Developing event system according to different stage of the marketing status

Event Strategy: Developing online and offline events according to target requirements

Event Execution: Event result tracking, event strategy adjustments

4.Customer Relationship Management

Interact with potential users on the Weibo platform, enhancing brand positive spread on the platform, to attract more attention from clients and business partners, respond to questions from clients, and enhancing feedback capacity.

 Find/like potential users: Famous people in the industry, business partners, potential users

Interaction/feedback from potential users: effective interaction and feedback

Convey feedbacks to enterprise

5.Brand reputation management

Real-time monitoring of brand dissemination information on the platform, providing daily crisis monitoring data, suppress negative information

The crisis monitoring reports: daily crisis monitoring report

Crisis PR: suppress negative information

6.Data Analysis

Marketing Analysis: Management status

Short link analysis

Interactive analysis

Brand exposures analysis

Fans analysis: Fans quality and activity analysis

Fans characteristics analysis (Gender, geography, age, etc)

Fans habits analysis (interests, labels, etc.)

7.Customer Weibo Platform APP Development

Based on customer marketing needs, integrating with brand and marketing data analysis, developing social media applications.

SNS platform includes Renren, Kaixing,etc.(Facebook, Twitter, etc), to provide you précised marketing services.

Based on customer’s marketing strategies to help company select the best media promotion platform, providing a full scope of social media advertising programs, increase returns on investment.

Blog marketing services, brand promotion throughout professional content optimization, establish brand trust in order to affect users thinking and purchase.

Based on interested topics and events, implant brand, product or events content, promoting the brand.

Providing Weibo marketing, SNS marketing, blog marketing, forum marketin, and othersocial media marketing services for customers, integrated with SEO, and SEM strategies to provide integrated solutions.

Problem analyzing based on product concepts, spread business strategy through new media platform, to guide consumer agree with the ideas of the brand

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