Online Reputation Management

ORM is an important bridge between your users and your portal. Our strategy includes: search engine optimization and online content management, which is optimized and managed for online display information. The positive word-of-mouth related to the company's brand and products will be passed on to the users, so that the positive information of the company can be fully exposed and the corporate image will be enhanced.

Online Reputation Monitoring

Online Reputation Monitoring

Netconcepts is based on cloud storage, easy to understand, quick to get started, can monitor the mainstream media and industry media, analyze user search behavior and brand exposure in real time, including: media analysis, search analysis, Weibo analysis, WeChat analysis, competing product analysis, real-time warning and other functions.

Brand Awareness Optimization
Content Building and Management

Our advantage

We provide our customers with the most comprehensive and effective ORM services.


A huge library of media resources

Diverse media resources, including but not limited to Zhihu and live broadcast platforms, have been gathered to cover a wider range and generate more exposure.


Unique content creation

Provide multi-form creative content, text, picture stream, short video and other creative display, to maximize reach the target audience.


Real-time monitoring

An effective real-time monitoring system can quickly understand the propagation effect and facilitate the formulation of the next publicity strategy.