COFCO Maling

Industry Involved


Service Type

Content Marketing + Creative Design + Social Media Marketing

Marketing Background

COFCO Maling is known for its luncheon meat products. However, its brand volume in the mainstream search port Baidu was relatively small, with inadequate exposure.
In 2020, the "Plum" series was launched to the market. This series of products featured renewed package design. To introduce COFCO's strength in product chain to its target consumers, our team launched a promoting campaign on social media platforms that were designed to touch young consumers and it was promoted in line with the trend of "new consumerism“. As a result of our efforts, COFCO-Maling was recognized by the public as a brand that represented new consumerism.

Marketing Goals

To achieve better SEO results, we created its Baidu encyclopedia and planned a systematic schedule for posting content to increase exposure on this search port.
For social media communication, we created the hashtag #COFCO Maling Haohuang - more than just a taste was launched#,


Our SEO services are focused on improving brand reputation. We published a large amount of PGC and UGC content, which was backed by official documents and authoritative news, to establish a reliable brand image. To enrich search results displayed on search pages, we cooperated with self-media to post user-generated reviews based on keywords like COFCO Maling and Maling luncheon meat.
To better convey the brand message across social media platforms, our team concentrated on its “Plum” series of products and their renewed package and performed a series of activities. We targeted Weibo, the mainstream social media platform in China, and created the hashtag #China Foods Plum Food Light - More than a Taste# and # COFOC Maling, renewed package# to increase brand exposure. On the short-video platform TikTok, we cooperated with KOLs in food, fashion, and entertainment, triggering a series of ripple effects with our videos on the "Plum" series of COFCO Maling luncheon meat. For offline scenarios like waiting lounges and lifts, we put advertisements on the "Plum" series of COFCO Maling luncheon meat with a renewed package to increase brand exposure to its target consumer.

Marketing Result

For SEO results, our team managed to increase the rate of non-negative exposure to 100% after 6 months of effort.
On social media platforms, we achieved a total number of 40 million net-wide exposure and 8 million interactions within 3 months.