Wall Street English

Industry Involved


Service Type

Content Marketing

Marketing Background

Brand reputation in platforms like Baidu and Sogou needs to be improved, as well as brand volume and positive voices.

Marketing Goals

Brand management + Brand exposure+ omnichannel mapping+ hot events promotion


We took simultaneous actions on Baidu, Sogou, 360, Weibo, and Sleipnir.

Marketing Result

  1. For brand volume, the rate of positive voice was increased to 100% in major search portals.
  2. For brand exposure, we promoted more than 100 videos during the epidemic, attracting 500,000+ exposure.
  3. As a result of our efforts, Wall Street English courses were featured in a CCTV news broadcast on China International Import EXPO, which was reported by more than 50+ media platforms, achieving 1 million+ exposure.