China Merchants Bank of China, Credit Card Center

Industry Involved


Service Type

Creative Design

Marketing Background

The China Merchants Bank of China (CMBC) is a robust financial brand known for its credit cards and merchant services. They had a clear objective for their business – to be the top bank in China for small businesses. To achieve this, they needed to create a brand that was trustworthy, innovative and creative.

CMBC reached out to NetConcepts in the hopes of improving their IP Image, XiaoZhaoMiao, which aims to break the communication barrier with their users. After analyzing the interests and needs of the brand's target groups, we upgraded the cartoon image of XiaoZhaoMiao, accumulated fans, and strengthened user loyalty through the combination of online and offline propagation activities. Eventually, we helped CMBC to develop a positive effect on consumer behavior.

Marketing Goals

The marketing challenge is to make XiaoZhaoMiao's IP image more dynamic, help XiaoZhaoMiao attract more attention, and grow commercial profits.

Creative Strategy

After conducting an in-depth analysis of CMBC's target audience's interest and behavior, we've aimed to develop a strategy to produce high-quality content for XiaoZhaoMiao. This included diverse creative methods and conducted both offline and online multi-channel propagation.


We have upgraded the original graphic cartoon image to a 3D dynamic image. This included designing 3D stickers, real-man cosplay stickers, and producing video clips.

We have also created phenomenon-level offline event marketing. Our team developed a creative idea based on Koi Festival, which made huge IP interactive devices. At China Joy, a large number of participants joined the IP interaction creating a new record.