Industry Involved


Service Type

Content Marketing, Creative Design & Social Media Marketing 

Marketing Background

Bosideng, a brand known for its down jacket products, made its strategic turn to become "the world's best-selling down jacket specialist”. Based on this renewed image, we optimized research results on its major consumer touchpoints and further boosted its e-commerce conversion rate. 

Marketing Goals

Increased brand exposure + improved word-of-mouth

Marketing Strategy

Online promotion: Our team designed online promotions combined with offline marketing events to expand brand influence and promote offline marketing events.

Consumer Touch: We made a thorough survey on the online behaviors of its target consumers from middle and high ends. We made a careful choice in our marketing platforms based on their characteristics and helped Bosideng to touch its audiences more precisely.

Channel Mapping: We made use of social media communications to build a channel for Bosideng to interact with its consumers, understand user habits and demands, and bring better user experience, thus creating a close loop for word-of-mouth marketing and integrating brand volume with marketing performance.


Our team set up a brand zone for Bosideng on Baidu, which helped to convey a high-end brand image. To increase brand exposure, we seized traffic peaks and continued to promote brand keywords, generic terms, competitor keywords, and event keywords to keep Bosiden exposed to the public while maintaining the heat of hot events and creating a youthful and personalized brand image.

As a result of our SEO efforts, search results concerned with Bosideng were 100% neutral and positive in the three major search engines on both PC and mobile terminals.

We concentrated on brand keywords, industry core terms, and long-tail keywords and helped Bosideng to achieve stable rankings in search engines, which contributed the vast majority of traffic to its website.

We managed to help its new pages to be indexed by search engines within a day so that new products could be quickly included and appear in search results for the first time.

Marketing Results

The ads we promoted received a total number of 55,434,614 exposure, achieving a 15.99%  increase in exposure, a 32.84% increase in clicks, and a 14.52% increase in CTR, compared to the same period.

We have attracted more SEO organic traffic to its sites, noticing a 1.5 times increase over previous data.