Industry Involved


Service Type

Content Marketing + Smart Marketing

Marketing Background

rand reputation in platforms like Baidu and Sogou needs to be improved, as well as brand volume and positive voices.

Marketing Goals

Brand exposure and word-of-mouth building

Strategy and Creativity

Brand management + user circle penetration + TOP channel mapping + marketing campaigns based on hot topics


We took simultaneous actions on Baidu, Sogou, 360, Weibo, and Sleipnir.

Marketing Result

  1. As a result of our efforts, Hyproca’s brand favorability across the network increased and the positive volume of each search portal rose to 100%.
  2. For brand awareness, we built the channel for Hyproca to communicate with its users on multiple platforms and posted advertorial articles that attracted over 3 million reads and up to 1000+ clicks for top posts.
  3. For brand loyalty, we helped Hyproca capture more loyal users, who posted a total number of 10, 000 posts on Xiaohongshu, Headline, and other platforms, attracting more than 50, 000 interactions.
  4. For brand exposure, we planned and conducted key marketing activities across platforms. In the four major search ports, the overall exposure reached over 100W, with an exposure rate of up to 65%. On the social media platform Weibo, Hyproca has on trending for over ten times, effectively extending its brand influence.
  5. For data monitoring, we offered a 24/7 warning service throughout the year. During this period, more than 4 million data were recorded, providing powerful data support for Hyproca to better understand its brand word-of-mouth.