Industry Involved

Bags and Suitcase

Service Type

Performance Marketing, Content Marketing,
Digital Advertising, E-commerce Operation

Marketing Background

Business luggage brand TUMI entered the China market later than other competitors. This means they had lower brand awareness and a smaller size of consumers, which led to a big challenge - how to quickly expand their market share and achieve rapid growth in such a crowded market.

The company reached out to NetConcepts to boost its brand recognition, drive traffic to its official website, and increase its overall sales and conversion rate.

Marketing Goals

As TUMI is a new brand, we worked on enhancing its brand influence through:

Creative Strategy

We've helped TUMI achieve its business goals by implementing the following strategies:

  • SEO: Enhance brand awareness and search visibility by implementing SEO strategies across multiple platforms. Through this, we aimed to increase site visitors and online sales.
  • Event Marketing: We planned to conduct collaborative events with other brands to enhance their awareness. We also aimed to organize activities on their official website during shopping festivals and holidays, which will significantly impact their sales.


We've started our campaign by conducting comprehensive keyword research. We've selected terms with the highest search volume and implemented them across the site.

We've also published high-quality content in line with the target keywords, which occupied 65% of the results page. The annual exposure reached 800 million views.

Marketing Result

As a result of our marketing efforts, we've observed 3x growth in organic search traffic to the official website. Orders from search engines increased 2.5x, and the total sales reached over a million. The brand exposure has significantly increased by 20x since we started.