How SEO Improve User Engagement on the Website

By : charles 

The bounce rate of the website can reflect the user engagement directly. The decrease in bounce rate and the improvement of website conversion are particularly important in the e-commerce websites SEO.

The user enters the website through organic search. The speed of the website is the user's first and most important experience. The speed of the page must be less than the user's psychological waiting time, and the best website speed is within 5 seconds. You’d better choose a server with faster speed. If user access to the website after 5 seconds, it’s easy to lose some users. Therefore, it is recommended that minimize the loading of dynamic code and the loading of large files such as video of the website. The response speed of the server is the first step in improving the user experience in website SEO.

When the user enters the website, the page content of the website becomes the key for the user to obtain the information. In order to enrich the diversity of the page content, you can create content like text, picture, animation, and video. If the content can be showed on the website with reasonable organization and typesetting to increase user engagement, it’s believed that the site will have more sharing and visits.

The most important thing is that the content of the website must be closely related to what people search. Try to prevent the user's search content from being inconsistent with the content of the page. In that case, when users come to the website, they will not close the site due to the irrelevant content. Create the irrelevant content will increase the index of useless pages on the website. For a search engine, if there are a large number of meaningless pages, the site may be downgraded, or the pages cannot be indexed.

As a webmaster, you should understand the content of the website and the positioning of the product, clarify the direction of the content, analyze the user's requirement. Therefore, provide better content for the user and understand the user's search demand. At the same time, you should have strict requirements on the layout, paragraphs and other issues of the content on the website, so that the overall style of the site is consistent with the product content.

Websites with reasonable internal links can provide users with the newest, hottest, and most relevant information. Also, it can improve the links between the website pages, help users find more content that may be of interest, and enrich the level of the internal structure of the website.

We need to analyze the user's search behavior continually and website updates, to better improve user's trust in the website, reduces the bounce rate of the site, and finally increases the user engagement on the website.

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