6 Ways to Gain Customers from Applications

By : Susy Song 

I. Offline Promotion

Offline promotion is one of crucial approaches to gain users in personal. The marketers usually build up booths or stands in crowded places to attract pedestrians directly. Normally they give out some special gifts with promotional brochures when people who are interested in their products downloaded their App(s). Currently, some marketers would like to find more funny ways to cosplay the cartoon or representative characters from famous movies to catch people’s eyes so as to facilitate the Apps download.

II. Alliance Mode

The essence of alliance mode is to cooperate with other companies which can bring/attract more users. The offline recommendations for each other, online-cooperation and brand alliance are involved in this mode. During “double 12” campaign, users gained 50% off when they made payments in offline convenience store by using WOM recommendation on Apps, and in doing so, the traffic from the store will transfer to the APP directly.

Ⅲ. Ads Campaign

Ads campaign is a good way to gain targeting users by investment. There are many billing modes no matter what your purpose is.

Ⅳ. App Store Optimization (ASO)

Most of users are inclined to download App from Apps Store. Here are 2 situations when users scan app store:

  1. Users have definite intention to search and download their targeting App.

In this case, keywords optimization is crucial. Companies should make full preparation for keywords research and keywords mapping so as to improve the exposure of app.

2. Unclear purpose

Under this situation, App rating and ranking optimization even paid ads are the key approaches to attract users. Showing the well-performed parts to users, which can facilitate the download volume of app.

Ⅴ. Social Media

Social media usually obtain users by forwarding the funny or creative posts to bomb the moments in Wechat. That is to say, a hot & creative post created by 1 person, forwarded to 1 person then comes to hundreds of friends forwarding.

Ⅵ. Internal conversion

In common, many enterprises not only have one product. Driving traffic from one to another will not only improve users’ loyalty but also gain more traffic. For example, the company can obtain the users with a cheaper and fast way like official account and mini-program in Wechat, and then, running campaigns attracts them to download App.

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